Maintaining Timber Look Tiles: A Guide

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This article explains the steps you can take to maintain timber look tiles in your home. Read on to find out more. Clean the tiles If you want to maintain timber look tiles, the first thing you need to do is clean them. You can use a commercial tile cleaning solution for this step as well as a mild detergent solution or dish soap if needed. For stains from things like red wine or coffee, a pre-soaking solution might be needed in order to remove the stains.

12 April 2021

Who Will Manage Your Strata Development?

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When you are setting up a strata scheme, there will be a lot occupying your mind. You will have the initial design and building of the development with all that entails. Beyond the building stage, you will have to consider strata management. It's unlikely that you will have the resources or the desire to engage in long-term strata management yourself, so you must look for a strata management company to take on that role for the future.

4 January 2021