Should You Choose Demolition Or Renovation? Three Things To Keep In Mind That May Sway You

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When deciding on what to do with your property to create a long-term home, most people will end up on two paths: either a knockdown rebuild or a major renovation. Both have their advantages but if you have the money for a knockdown rebuild, that is almost always going to be the better option for you. Not only is it more thorough, but it allows you a blank canvas from which to start up again, rather than continuously having to deal with problems created before you even owned the property. Here are a few reasons why demolition is preferable to renovations for most properties across the country. 

Know The Cost From The Start

A demolition job will come with a very accurate quote that rarely deviates. You know how much you need to budget for to get your knockdown rebuild complete and you can work towards this instantly. On the other hand, renovations can run into a whole bunch of unforeseen problems that can add tens of thousands of dollars to the overall cost. In some cases, renovations have to be paused entirely because of hidden structural issues or the presence of dangerous materials like asbestos. Fortunately, dealing with things like asbestos will only improve your future home's value. 

A Personalised Home For You

Sometimes trying to renovate your house to fit your needs can seem like trying to fit a square peg into a round hole. You may think that with enough work and rejigging of the layout you can get the perfect house you've been looking for, but often people are left disappointed with the final product. With a demolition and new construction, you get a house that is to your standards from the very beginning, with no compromises necessary. Why settle for someone else's leftovers when you could have your own home with your needs and wants fully met?

Can Be Quicker

While this is certainly not true of all builds, sometimes a knockdown rebuild can be quite a bit quicker than major renovations. The demolition itself does not take very long on residential properties, and then you can immediately get started on construction. Renovations, as previously mentioned, are often stifled due to the problem solving of issues that were not apparent from the beginning. A well-organised demolition and construction crew can get you back into your new home within months, and you won't even have to live in an open construction site like you would if you had renovations going on all around your house! Simply rent a property nearby and enjoy a mini-vacation while your home gets put up. 

Reach out to a demolition service to learn more. 


13 July 2021

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