Is t-shirt screenprinting the solution you need?

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There can be a lot of reasons to want to dress to match a group of other people. Perhaps you are hosting a charity gala, and all the volunteers must be easily recognisable, or you are taking part in a fun run and want to promote your charity throughout the event. It could even be something as simple as a party to celebrate a significant moment, such as an engagement or a new baby, and you want everyone to have a memento of the day. When you want to create matching outfits for a small group of people, one of the best ways to do it is with t-shirt screenprinting.

How does t-shirt screenprinting work?

Unlike a clothing company, t-shirt screenprinting doesn't always involve printing thousands of copies of a particular design. Most t-shirt screenprinting companies will be delighted to print as few or as many t-shirts as you need. You can approach the screenprinting company with a chosen design, or you could take an idea along and ask them for help to create the final product. Of course, you could use ink or transfers and try to create the t-shirts that you need that way, but t-shirt screenprinting will produce better results. It is known for the vibrant, intense colours that can be created, allowing the design to be seen quite far away. A further benefit of t-shirt screenprinting is that during screenprinting, the ink doesn't soak into the material. Instead, the ink remains on the surface of the garment creating a flexible design that bends with the t-shirt rather than cracking and damaging the image.

What makes a great design?

Most of the time, t-shirt screenprinting will produce great results. The only thing that is likely to cause problems is your artwork. To create the perfect t-shirts for your event, you must carefully consider the design you want to use. Think about how the colours in the design will stand out against the colour of the t-shirt. Think of the shape of your design and where it will be placed on the t-shirt. Is it always visible, whatever the wearer is doing? Are the words and images large enough, and in a suitable font, so they can be seen without difficulty by anyone who notices them? Finally, check that the information contained in your design is correct. Once the t-shirts are printed, it is too late to correct any spelling errors, incorrect dates or anything else that might not be right in the design.


2 November 2021

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