Which type of sunscreen is right for you?

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Sunscreen is an essential part of your protection against the harmful ultraviolet radiation in the sun's rays. But with so many on the market, you may be confused as to which type you should buy. Here is a quick guide to the main types available.

1. Lotions and creams

The most common sunscreens are lotions and milks. These should provide you with full protection against the sun. They have the advantage that they are widely available and are usually not too expensive. They will also not dry out when you have applied them. The downside is that they can leave your skin feeling greasy, but at least you will be able to feel your sun protection. Creams are effectively the same as lotions but are a bit thicker.

2. Sprays

Spray-on sunscreens do not have the disadvantage of making your skin feel greasy, as they are alcohol-based. However, it is very easy to use too little. It is not enough merely to spray your body—you will need to ensure that each part of your body is sprayed for ten seconds. You should also not use it on your face in case you inhale it; for the same reason, it is not a suitable sunscreen for children.

3. Roll-ons and sticks

The main advantage of these kinds of sunscreens is their convenience. They can be kept in a bag or even a pocket, so you can make sure you always have one to hand. However, they are both best suited for applying to small areas. It is difficult to apply them evenly over large areas which lead to the risk that you are not using enough. They are best used for topping up parts where the sunscreen may have washed off or if you find yourself exposed to the sun unexpectedly.

4. Powder

Powdered sunscreens are less common but can still offer some protection. To have its full effect it should really be applied in two passes. This is likely to be inconvenient and can lead to under-application. They are therefore best used as a top-up, especially over makeup.

Whichever sunscreen you apply, make sure you use enough to offer you full protection. You should also not use this as your only protection—keep in the shade, wear sun-protective clothing and sunglasses, and stay indoors if possible. You should then be able to relax, knowing you are protected against skin cancer. Learn more by contacting companies that supply cancer council sunscreen. 


6 August 2020

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