3 Reasons to Choose Quartzite Kitchen Benchtops

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If you want to fit natural stone benchtops in your kitchen, you may have looked at traditional stones like marble and granite. However, before you make a final decision, it's also worth looking at quartzite.

This stone has some qualities that you won't get with other stones that you may find useful. What are the advantages of installing quartzite benchtops in a kitchen?

1. Get Additional Strength

Unlike some quartz benchtops, which contain other materials as well as quartz, true quartzite benchtops are made from completely natural stone. This stone goes through a metamorphic process where pressure and heat compress the rock to tightly pack its particles.

This makes quartzite a very strong material. Unlike some natural stones which may chip or break, quartzite is much more robust. If you drop something on it, it isn't likely to get damaged; it has a long natural life.

2. Get Better Porosity

Some natural stones don't do well in a kitchen environment because they don't deal with liquids all that well. For example, marble is relatively porous.

If you spill something on a marble benchtop and don't deal with it quickly, then the stone will absorb the liquid and take on its colour. This could leave you with unsightly stains that are difficult to get rid of completely.

Quartzite is a much denser stone. It is less porous. While you may still want to seal your benchtops to be on the safe side, this may not be essential if you choose the right grade of stone.

If you choose quartzite products with low porosity, then your benchtops will deal with spills much more effectively. You shouldn't see the same levels of staining or colour leaching.

3. Get Better Heat Resistance

There may be times when you put something hot on a kitchen benchtop either purposefully or accidentally. While natural stones have some heat resistance, this can still cause problems.

If you put something hot enough on the benchtop, then it may scorch the stone. If you do this repeatedly in the same place, then the stone may even start to crack.

This is less of a problem if you install quartzite benchtops. Quartzite has a higher heat resistance so it shouldn't show burn marks or cracking in this scenario.

To learn more about quartzite and other benchtop options for your kitchen, talk to a natural stone benchtop installation service. They can help you decide if this is the right stone for your kitchen.


3 June 2020

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