How Shade Covers Can Benefit Your Child's Health

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When you have an active child who loves to spend time outdoors, it's difficult to refuse them their alfresco activities. Although spending time in the fresh air is good for kids, you do need to keep them safe, too. In addition to using measures such as suncream and hydration, you may want to consider a shade cover. Here are the ways that using one can benefit your little one's health.

Reducing Dehydration

Spending a lot of time in direct sunlight is a major cause of dehydration. The more the sun beats against your little one's skin, they'll sweat more. Sweating causes them to lose essential electrolytes, which then results in dehydration.

If dehydration becomes too severe, it can also lead to conditions such as heat stroke. Children are particularly vulnerable, as their brains lack the regulatory mechanisms needed to maintain a stable temperature. By using a shade sail and ensuring they stay under it, you can remove one of the factors that increase their heatstroke risk.

Culling Sunburn

Getting a sunburn is a painful event that a lot of people will experience. Although adults can manage it without experiencing too much discomfort, children may struggle. They don't respond as well to pain as most grownups do, which means a small bout can ruin their playtime for a few days.

When choosing shade sails, make sure you focus on those that filter out UV rays. A lot of shades benefit from protective UV coverings, which will then guard your little ones against the sun's rays. As a result, they'll spend more time enjoying themselves and less time wearing aftersun.

Reducing Rashes

Another unfortunate side effect of spending too much time in direct sunlight is the rashes that develop. Prickly heat is particularly problematic. It occurs when someone sweats too much, causing their sweat glands to work too hard. When this happens, sweat becomes trapped and it causes a painful rash.

Much like with sunburn, children can't manage prickly heat as well as adults. When you add a shade sail to your home, you have another way of keeping them cool. To bolster your efforts, make sure you use fans and provide them with plenty of drinks.

By adding a shade cover to your property, you can protect your little one's health when the sun is shining. Always make sure you continue to use the usual protective mechanisms, too. By applying suncream and taking your kids indoors to cool down during peak periods, you can give them plenty of protection.


29 January 2020

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