5 Reasons to Choose LED Grow Lights for Your Hydroponic Orchids

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Orchids are beautiful and unique flowers, but even the hardier, terrestrial varieties are notoriously difficult to cultivate. These delicate blooms can wilt and die quickly if their growing environment is altered even slightly, so many orchid growing enthusiasts use precisely controlled, indoor hydroponic systems to ensure their orchids have the best chance of thriving.

If you want to use hydroponic growing methods to grow large, beautiful orchids, installing a suitable light source is crucial for the growth of your flowers. While high intensity discharge (or HID) lighting is the traditional choice for growing orchids indoors, many hydroponic enthusiasts are switching to LED grow lights. Here are five reasons while LED grow lights are ideal for any hydroponic orchid garden.

Minimal waste heat

LED lights are highly efficient, and convert almost all of the energy they do use into usable light. This means they create very little waste heat, and a high-quality LED grow light will remain cool to the touch for a considerable amount of time after it is switched on.

Consequently, LED grow lights have a negligible effect on the ambient temperatures. Choosing LED lights can make controlling the temperature in your grow room or tent much easier and simpler, which can be vital for the successful growth of highly heat-sensitive orchids.

Low-running costs

The exceptional energy efficiency of LED grow lights also keeps their overall energy usage low, and LED lights use considerably less energy than HID lights, compact fluorescent lamps (or CFLs) and other popular choices. LED grow lights will help reduce the running costs of your hydroponic system and can also make your system more environmentally friendly.

Compact design

Proper ventilation is essential in any hydroponic grow room or tent, but it is particularly vital for orchid growth. Many orchids are notoriously vulnerable to mould and mildew if kept in poorly ventilated environments. Unfortunately, many grow lights are large, bulky devices that take up a considerable amount of space. These unwieldy lights can significantly reduce airflow and inhibit proper ventilation, particularly in smaller growing spaces.

Most modern LED grow lights have very compact, low-profile designs, simply because LED bulbs are much smaller than high-intensity discharge or fluorescent bulbs. This makes them ideal for smaller orchid growing operations, ensuring the maximum amount of mould-killing airflow reaches your vulnerable orchids.

Full-spectrum models available

Different types of grow light produce different wavelengths of visible light. Some types of orchid are only capable of utilising certain light wavelengths for growth, while others have differing wavelength needs depending on how mature they are. Many hydroponic orchid growers have to switch out bulbs and lighting rigs frequently to ensure their flowers receive the right kind of light.

Many LED grow lights sold by hydroponics supply specialists produce full-spectrum light, which contains all the wavelengths of visible light. This allows them to be used with any type of orchid at any stage in its life cycle, saving you time, effort, and a considerable amount of cash.


24 March 2020

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