Top 3 Things to Consider When Hiring Furniture for Your Wedding

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So you've already booked the perfect venue for your special day, and now it's time to shift your focus to other important things, like the wedding furniture. Whether you have enlisted the help of a wedding planner or are organising your own event as an engaged couple, choosing the correct furniture is vital to make your big day a success.

Wedding hire companies know what's what when it comes to furniture hire for weddings, and they can help you lessen the pressure that comes with organising your wedding. You can meet up with representatives of your chosen company at their office or at your wedding venue.

Here's what to discuss with them during the initial consultation.

Guest List

Weddings can be anything from small, intimate gatherings by invitation only to huge ceremonies where everyone is invited. One of the most important things to discuss with your furniture supplier is the number of people you expect to attend your wedding. You will want everyone to be seated comfortably while you are exchanging marital vows. So, it is important to make sure your wedding hire company can accommodate all your guests. 

Keep in mind that you can hold a huge wedding party while keeping the wedding ceremony small and intimate. Good-old etiquette requires that everyone who attends your wedding ceremony should be invited to the wedding party. However, the reverse doesn't apply.

If your furniture provider is comfortable working with your final guest numbers, proceed to the next item on your checklist — wedding theme.


Ensuring the comfort of your guests is essential when you are holding an event that is as special as a wedding. Wedding hire companies offer a variety of great-quality seating to ensure all your guests are seated comfortably as they cheer you on. 

Be sure to choose seating options that are to keep your guests comfortable the entire time they will be seated.


Furniture hire for weddings costs money. So, it is important to ask for a written quote from your wedding hire company ahead of time. If you are meeting up with the company's representatives at their office, they should be able to provide you with the quote. If you meet them at your wedding venue, they should be able to make arrangement to have the quote sent to you when they get back to the office.

Make sure the quote you're getting is a no-obligation quote. This way, you can get quotes from multiple companies and choose the one that fits your budget while providing you with the greatest value for your money.

The right wedding hire company should be able to deliver the exact number of furniture items you need at an affordable price without compromising the comfort of your guests. Discussing the above points with prospective companies should help you choose the best company for your wedding's furniture hire.


12 September 2019

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