Unparalleled Advantages of Glass Balustrades Over Timber Handrails

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Whether you have a staircase in your home or a deck overlooking your property, the one mandatory safety requirement is installing balustrading. However, your choice of balustrades does not have to be based solely on functionality. Keep in mind that these railings will become part of your overall aesthetic. So if you do not want to detract from the kerb appeal of your home, you would be best advised to lean toward materials that would accentuate the visual interest of your interior design. Timber may have been the mainstay for staircase balustrading for decades, but glass alternatives are steadily dethroning it as a top choice among homeowners. The following are some of the unparalleled advantages of glass balustrades over timber handrails.

Glass balustrades suit any style of home

The tricky thing about selecting balustrading materials is ensuring that they will tie in with your overall style. For instance, timber balustrades may be a popular option, but they would look out of place if installed in a modern home characterised by a distinctly contemporary design. Alternatively, stainless steel balustrades are another alternative that people choose. But, these would look odd in a rustic setting.

Glass is the only balustrading material that bridges all home designs and styles. No matter what your architectural preference or interior design theme, glass balustrades remain unobtrusive in your space, enabling them to blend in seamlessly. Moreover, the glass can also be integrated with other materials if you are keen on having your balustrades constructed with another building supply, too!

Glass balustrades are effortless to maintain

Another notable aspect of installing balustrades is that they will constantly be touched. As a result, oils, sweat and dirt will be transferred on these structures at a much faster rate than other parts of your home. You will then have to engage in rigorous cleaning regimens to keep the balustrades pristine. Timber will need routine wiping and polishing if it is to retain its lustre, not to mention that occasional staining or varnishing is imperative for the wood to stay in good condition.

Surprisingly, despite the fact that glass is prone to smudges, this material provides you with hassle-free maintenance when compared to timber. For starters, some glass materials are designed with a self-cleaning feature that works to eliminate surface impurities. Secondly, to keep glass shiny and polished, all you need to invest in is a lint-free cloth that will not leave any streaking on your balustrading! 

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18 January 2018

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