Line Marking for Sports: Preparing the Different Surface Types

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Most sports involve some kind of markings on the ground, helping to keep the game regulated and guide players. However, not all sports are played on the same type of surface, which can make it difficult to get top quality results using the same techniques across different ground types.

Although there are paints available specifically for various surfaces, using the right one is not necessarily enough in itself to ensure a good result. It's important to also prepare the surface properly before applying the paint, and adjust the technique to suit the situation. This is what you need to know about the various types of sporting ground.

General advice

If you want your markings to look good, you're going to need a stencil. While it's possible to paint reasonably sharp lines freehand, they're never going to compare to stencilled markings.

You should also ensure you use a paint with an even rate of spray, which helps you to avoid messy, uneven paint jobs.


This can be one of the trickiest surfaces to paint on because it's a natural type of ground, which makes it unpredictable.

It's best to mow the grass shortly before applying paint, but make sure a mower that collects clippings is used. If there's loose grass laying about, it will pick up the paint and leave patches when it moves.

Because you'll be painting outdoors, do it on a calm day without any wind. If it's been raining, wait for the grass to dry completely, and check the forecast to make sure no more rain is on the way.


As with grass, tarmac is often outdoors, so follow the advice regarding wet and windy weather. Because of the holes in tarmac, you may find that small weeds and moss can grow, so it's worth applying a product to kill them off. Follow up with a pressure cleaner to leave a dust-free surface and wait for it to dry thoroughly.


A simple soap and water solution should be enough to get concrete nice and clean, provided it hasn't got unusually dirty. If there's old paint, oil or grease present, you may need specialist cleaning products. If the floor is very dusty, make sure you remove as much as possible using a vacuum cleaner. Check the floor for any cracks and repair them if necessary.


The care of wooden gym and court floors is quite complex, and it should be fully up to date before painting. The care routine typically includes sanding and lacquering, which should be done in advance of painting markings. Often, a second layer of lacquer is used to cover and protect the paint once it's dried.


15 June 2017

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