Land Surveys Laid Out for Property Buyers

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These days, it is hard to come by an investment that promises certain returns when you spend money on it. This is not the case with real estate, however. As towns and cities expand towards suburbs to ease congestion, the value of land moves up to meet the rising demand. So if you are thinking of buying a home or other form of real estate, then go ahead. It could be your gateway to a fortune in the next few years. During the purchase, don't be tempted to save a few coins by foregoing a land survey. The survey will provide you with lots of information that you need to know about the property you are buying. Land surveys are laid out here for all first-time property buyers.

Desktop Survey

Desktop survey is also referred to as the paper survey. A desktop survey basically requires the surveyor to carry out a background check on the property you want to buy. The surveyor, through various institutions and organisations, investigates the property to obtain the necessary documentation related to the use and ownership of the property. This survey will address some questions such as "does any person have pending leasehold rights to the property?"

Field Surveys

In a field survey, the surveyor takes time to visit the site so that he or she can examine it and make the necessary comments. After a field survey, your surveyor will comment on the following things:

Topographical details: the topography of the property centres on the natural features that can affect the intended or current use of the land. These features include steep slopes, swamps, rivers, springs and hills among others. They may be located within or adjacent to the property. Through a field survey, your surveyor can advise on how you can counter the challenges posed by the topographical features in question.

Boundaries: They are an important feature when buying property. In this case, the surveyor will be concerned with what is presented in the title deed vis-à-vis the situation on the ground. If there is a gross variation from what the surveyor expected to find on the property, then he or she will advise you accordingly, even if it means renegotiating the price of the land.

Planning regulations: the surveyor will look at the property and determine if the law will limit you from going ahead with the development you had planned to carry out on your newly acquired property.   


13 June 2017

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